About Selby Films

I'm David Selby and I established my business in 2011, but I got my start in chuckwagon events in 2009. After a handful of years shooting the event under Flavie Lear (commonly known as "that little French lady"), she handed the National Championship Chuckwagon DVD project over to me, and I've been built my Labor Day weekend around it ever year since.

I met my beautiful wife, Miranda, in 2018 during my 4 year stint in Kansas City, MO. We quickly took a liking to each other and got to working on our lives together, which now includes our two children, Stevie Ann and Samson Alan.

We live in Nevada, MO and I work for Agzaga.com full-time during the week. Miranda is raising our kids and managing our business from home. We have also been very fortunate to have fantastic help from our extended contractor team, which includes my brother, Austin, and a network of friends and professionals who are ready when we need them.

We are excited for the opportunities we have ahead of us with western sporting events. It's been a pleasure making life-long friends over the years, and I know we will make many more as we capture more events in new places. We are committed to making The Chuckwagon Channel a great product for competitors and sports fans who choose to use our site, and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your trust, encouragement, and support as we make this dream a reality.